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order flagyl online canadaYesterday morning at the rugby club I was talking with the father of one of our youth players about the match he had just watched and he used the phrase “that was a great performance, everything just clicked”.

This made me think. Had everything just clicked or was what he had seen the result of a considerable amount of trainingcoaching and practice?

Training, coaching and practice are often seen as the same thing. I see these as very separate things.

Training is very basic skill “programming” – it is the foundation of playing rugby and includes learning skills like the ability to catch, pass, run, kick, tackle, etc.

Coaching is the review of those skills and fault correction, tweaking and enhancing.

The final aspect is the practice – the hours out on the training ground running game related skills, conditioned games and team runs as well as honing the individual skills (take Jonny Wilkinson’s well published kicking sessions as an example).

All of these elements will at one point “click” in a game and suddenly the perception of an onlooking parent is that the team has gelled overnight. The reality, however, is that many of the important decisions within the course of the game were analysed, processed and outcomes selected by a group of individuals all focused on the same end result for the team.

If we as coaches accept the idea that a team or player has “clicked” and has “got it” then we need to give up and go home.

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Our role as coaches is to tap into how our players learn and develop best in order to help them grow.

Equally, coaching is as much of a skill to be learnt and developed as Jonny’s kick. I am convinced that he still practices daily because he wants to improve – and that also applies to coaches.

We do this so players / teams can “click” and “get it”.

Over the last few weeks I have had a break from rugby training as I went to the kickboxing world championships in Cyprus with my youngest son and watched with interest the way the instructors operate in that environment.

I watched my son in the final of his category after the first round standing quietly whilst his instructor had a brief chat with him. There were no great speeches and very little in the way of technical instructions – just calm conversation about how he was and where he thought he would get results.

We spoke after the fight (my son won) and I thanked the instructor for everything he had done for my son. He responded that:

The gold medal was not for that fight, but for the thousands of hours my son had put in at training, the practice he does at home and his willingness and desire to learn and improve.

He spoke of my son’s ability to analyse, process and decide his approach in the first few seconds of a fight (which is the same as my thoughts earlier in this piece).

A rugby team will produce a great performance when players can almost automatically decide on the individual elements of the game and know their roles and responsibilities within the structure.

For anyone interested in this topic, I would strongly recommend that they read “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle, which looks at the way people learn skills. It is very informative and will make you reconsider the idea of people or teams “just clicking”. I would recommend it to anyone who is coaching at any level.

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order flagyl metronidazoleIn recent years, a lot has changed in terms of the qualities demonstrated by and expected of successful rugby coaches.

Whilst the traditional image of a coach may have been a strong autocratic leader that only saw one way of doing things, leadership science has done a convincing job in demonstrating that this path is no longer the key to efficient learner development.

We have seen this sort of revolution outside of rugby in schools, work settings and, of course, sporting environments.

Personally, I have observed some significant changes in coaches’ communication behaviour. Instead of constantly shouting out instructions, the ability to listen carefully has become equally important to good coaching and strategy.

Every athlete is different and therefore needs to be treated differently.

This means that to find out the best way to approach players requires one essential skill: You need to get to know your players.

The difficulty, of course, is that it takes a lot of time and effort. There is no such thing as a one-way fits all approach anymore.

Of course, in any team environment, there are certain structures that apply to everyone. At the end of the day, you want your team to work as a tight unit. But no matter how well your unit collaborates, it is still a collective of many individuals. And if you have certain people who don’t agree with the rest of the team and consequently disrupt your team dynamic, you face a problem.

This same principle applies when the team and players are doing well.

A good coach must constantly question the status quo, find out what is going on and why things are going well.

This way of coaching has often been praised by World Cup winning coach Clive Woodward.

Understanding your players and team dynamic from the inside out makes it much easier to understand player psychology.

This means that coaches are better able to help players solve problems that may occur both on and off the pitch, as well as maintain a successful environment within the team where all players feel happy, wanted and heard.

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buy flagyl antibioticsHaving done a few years of coaching at my rugby club I have decided to take a bit of a break this year and focus on the role of Chairman, which has included watching quite a lot of rugby matches on Saturdays and Sundays.

Ok, I have a bit of a vested interest as both my sons are now playing senior rugby and one remains eligible to play in our Colts, so I’m getting to see quite a few games. I have had an especially good view of the Colts games, which I have been asked to referee each time we host one.

Colts rugby in our region seems to be in a bit of trouble. The CB insists that there are more clubs with Colts teams than ever before, but on the pitch these teams do not seem to materialise. It is interesting to see the difference between what happens on the ground and the data supplied by clubs.

Now there are very many things which can take up the attention of a 16 / 17 year old away from rugby, including college, jobs, social lives, etc., but you still have to question – where have all of the players gone?

Teams which have fielded vast numbers of players at mini level now struggle to amass 10 Colts players. Maybe these players are running out for their clubs on a Saturday (having hit 17 years of age and been suitably signed off and assessed) but the fact that in our region massive numbers of 2nd and 3rd team games have been cancelled as clubs struggle to field teams makes that unlikely.

So what is the problem? Where have all of these young players gone?

My view is that clubs are adopting the wrong approach and picking sides that focus on winning matches from age 10 upwards.

I struggle with the concept of the New Rules of Play restricting numbers of players on pitches as I think this will have a bad outcome. Coaches need to see that by playing players weekly as they develop instills the love of the game, the idea of one team working for each other and actually growing the player base for years to come.

The win everything approach at youth level (where we don’t even play in leagues) is meaningless and, in my opinion, now impacting the game massively.

Getting Colts into the senior sides has to be the ultimate goal but giving them the opportunity to play in a Colts team, to work on stuff, play at a quicker pace and working on their own leadership skills can only be a good thing for all of our clubs – and that alone assists their transition to the senior level.

At least at our club the Colts coach is the 2nd XV captain and we regularly see senior players assisting him with training or coming to support the flagyl antibiotic buy online on a Sunday morning.

Mini and Youth coaches have to ask themselves what the purpose of them coaching really is. Is it to win a game at Under 13s on a cold Sunday morning or is it to develop players who will go on to play adult rugby?

I suppose with the few years I have been coaching some of my proudest moments are watching guys who I coached at 5 and 6 years old run out with our 1st XV or that of another club and play a game they absolutely love.

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buy flagyl online cheapI am sure that many parents of youth rugby players will have shared the trials and tribulations of rugby fundraising efforts on behalf of their blissfully unaffected offspring!

So, it is not without some pride (& huge relief) that we managed to get the Maidstone Rugby U14s squad Race Night & Raffle completed successfully on Saturday 22nd February.

We’re lucky that one of the squad parents is the Deputy Head of a local Academy School and provided us with a great venue for our modest endeavour.

A race track marked out in squares on the floor with blue insulating tape; large red & yellow foam dice; and “horses” made of broom handles with cardboard cut out heads – no frills but plenty of thrills.

buy flagyl online with paypalWe auctioned the “horses” to determine the owners, and then took bets on the Tote (two club ladies with heads for numbers). Six horses per race – throw both dice – number on red is the horse to move – number on yellow is the number of squares to move – first to the finish is the winner.

The house keeps 30% of the owners pool and 30% of the Tote takings and the rest goes to the winning owner and holders of winning bets.

We also introduced a raffle to bring in additional profit. All prizes were donated so the cost to the club was £2 for two books of raffle tickets.

We sold 1200 tickets to around 130 attendees and took over £500 on the raffle alone. We raised an additional £1,00 on the races – bringing our total to over £1,500 – enough to cover the bulk of the costs of a planned trip for the boys to Gloucester in April to see the local derby match with Bath and get some coaching in.

buy flagyl online ukWe were aware of FRN’s fantastic efforts to promote rugby, and especially local rugby clubs, and so we were in touch with FRN early in our planning.

To our delight they were interested in our efforts and very supportive, even providing some donated raffle prizes – witness the snapshot of our flame haired winner sporting a rather fetching FRN top!

It’s great to be recognised and so we all at Maidstone Rugby thank FRN for helping us make a success of our fundraising night, and for all their efforts in promoting rugby at all levels. Keep up the good work FRN – we’ll be watching!

Finally, a big thank you to all of our various other prize donors, to our organisers and to our guests, without whom the boys’ Gloucester trip could not become a reality.

By: Roger Berry

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can u order flagyl onlineTry Time Kids Rugby was set up to bring outdoor rugby based play sessions to kids aged 2-7, providing variation to the normal kids sports in local areas.

Venues are owned by Try Time Kids Rugby license holders and are typically based on a local park or common. They are run by experienced, trained coaches. Current venues include: Dulwich, Wandsworth, Richmond, Victoria Park and St Albans.

You can book a free trial for your child whenever you want, so why not give them a go?

We have over 100 rugby based games and activities that increase kids enjoyment of sport as well as develop them physically.

can you order flagyl onlineWe know what keeps kids entertained and enthused!

We believe passionately that our rugby play sessions for girls and boys from 2 years old to 7 years old, will give kids the attributes they will need to go on and play the next level of rugby – and indeed any sport they go on to do.

A lot of parents, when they hear “rugby”, expect tackling and rough stuff. Our play sessions are absolutely NOT about this.

We take all the best parts of rugby (hand and foot eye co-ordination, agility, team work, discipline) and put them into games and activities that will move them forward physically and mentally…whilst having loads of fun.

Check out www.trytimekidsrugby.com for more information.

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